FAKE 4GB Extreme III SD Cards

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NOTE:   I understand that Sandisk DO now make 4GB SD cards.  This guide was written in late 2006 at which time they DID NOT exist.  However, any prospective purchaser of 4GB cards (or any size card or type for that matter) on Ebay should be very careful what they buy.  I personally would NEVER buy any memory card from Ebay as there are simply so many fakes on the site - whether SD, Memory Sticks, Compact Flash etc.  Please, PLEASE, read the sellers feedback - even if they have feedback of 99%, you only need to find one negative stating the card was fake and that, in my mind, would be enough to make me run a mile!

If you can buy a card for, say, £15 or £20 which would normally cost 3 or 4 times as much elsewhere online (Emartbuy for example,  who ARE legitimate and who already heavily discount their cards compared to high street prices), then how come?  Obviously steer well clear of far eastern sales, but even those based in the UK can easily be fake - trust me, you have been warned!

Please however still read my original guide;


There are many people selling FAKE Sandisk Extreme III SD cards on Ebay.  The reason I know (apart from the other guides on here telling us & negative feedback from buyers) is that there are many selling 4GB Sandisk Extreme III cards WHICH DO NOT EXIST!!  As far as I can see, Sandisk DO  NOT  MANUFACTURE  4GB Extreme III SD Cards!!  In fact, I have telephoned Sandisk and they have confirmed that the biggest Extreme III SD card they make is 2GB - They do not make a 4GB card!

Please search the Sandisk website and try to find a 4Gb Extreme III SD card - go on, try! 

So, whereas the other guides on here show you how to spot a fake by posting pictures of genuine & fake cards (which is very useful as there are many fake ones around so you need to know how to tell the difference), I will merely say that buyers can know for sure that every single 4GB Sandisk Extreme III SD card for sale on Ebay, regardless of where in the world they are being sold and sent from, ARE FAKE!!  They do not exist!!

I personally would then take from that that every card sold by any particular seller that is selling these fake 4GB Extreme III SD cards must surely also be fake?  Maybe not, but think about it logically - if cards they are selling are known to be fake, then what's the chances that all the cards they're selling are fake?  Surely they "buy" them in from the same supplier?

I could name names here but it doesn't take a genius to search for the sellers in question - just type in the search box "extreme III SD 4GB" (actually, you could leave out the "III") and you will find all the sellers selling them, including quite a few in the UK.  I have brought this to the attention to Ebay but, in line with many other peoples experiences, they appear to want to do little about this.

Please also note that quite a few of these sellers have made their feedback "private" - why would anybody want to keep their feedback private?  Surely you would only want to do that if you've something to hide?  I really think Ebay should remove the option to make feedback private, but will they ever do anything that is likely to harm their fees?  No, it seems not.

Please vote for this guide if you found it useful, as it will then keep it near the top where it would hopefully be seen by many more prospective buyers and, therefore, save a lot more honest people being ripped off!

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