FAKE A&F or any clothes

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It would now seem that fake gear on ebay is overtaking Straight gear. The current ones are A&F and RL POLO. The fakers are using genuine photos of the real gear, are from the UK and it all seems Kosher and straight. Having bought a pair of Tugger swimming pants and looking the quality wasn't the best but i thought possibly i was seeing thinga. Whilst on holiday i met someone who had a pair. His cost 80 from a shop and the quality was first class, The material and finish were spot on. Mine looked old after one wear and started to fall apart and frankly looked exactly what they were. Cheap fakes.


IF the item is cheaper than you you think and IF it is almost too good to miss then do just that.. MISS IT. Also FYI RL polo shirts don't do one with a big man on a horse on it...unless the collar is trimmed.

Lastly. Why don't ebay STOP these people..it's quite clearly theft. And no matter how much we warn each other. We still get burned

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