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Recently I have found a seller selling armani polo shirts for about £10 a go (fakes obviously) as i well know even in wholesale you would probably be laughing if you got a real armani polo shirt for £10 ,

I mean you could go to a wholesaler and spend about £2000 or more and yes you might be able to get them for this cheap but to sell them for that is completely stupid i mean if they are real you could get a lot more .

Basically any armani under £15 is normally fake (if it is new you can probably get a second hand one for this)-for a polo shirts

The key rule is if its too good to be true 99% of the time it is ,remember people are greedy if it is real they will get as much as they can

i mean the shirts i was on about normally retail for about £90 - £100 so why would you charge £10 thats 10% of the retail price i mean they could easily fetch £50 think about it.

Anyway i hope this guide is helpful please rate it thankyou good luck looking for your baragains on ebay

If you have any questions about a product contact me and i might be able to help

all the best


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