FAKE BUYERS - Paypal money reversal scam!!!

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I have been on eBay for a good few years, the last time I used eBay was almost a year and a half ago and have a new user account, hence the low feedback rating. During this time, I have had many pleasant transactions...until just 2 weeks ago week. Thought I would share this information to sellers out there as it is becoming very common since it also happened to my friend. I sold an Ipod and was paid by paypal. As soon as this was received and I transferred the payment to my bank account I sent the Ipod off. 2 days later, I was sent an email from paypal saying that I was the receiver of unauthorised funds from the account that bought my Ipod. I then contacted the buyer to ask what was goin on and she replied that there had been some trouble with her paypal account and she would send the item back to me. The money was reversed from my account and given back to the buyer and I did not get the Ipod back. The buyer disappeared and didn't return any of my emails. I contacted paypal and they said they were not going to give me my money back as I did not follow the seller protection terms and condition (I have no idea what that means since I've been selling this same way all the time, following full eBay and paypal instructions) Now I have minus £100 on my paypal account which I have to pay off myself, so I've lost an Ipod and £100 and am very wary about using paypal again. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS KIND OF SCAM! Paypal is not safe anymore! Make sure buyers have good enough feedback to be trusted and send to verified address...even better, just use postal order and personal cheque! The scammer who bought my item is gorgeouslilamz.


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