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CHANEL LONGITUDE MASCARA. (No doubt in the featured list to the right )
Chanel do NOT manufacture a mascara called LONGITUDE - L'Oreal do, Chanel does not.
Do not touch it as it was most probably not manufactured by either company (under any different name) - which makes you wonder who did, where and what you would be putting on your eyes

Another fake! Chanel do make a whitening make up but it is called Precision Whitening and comes in white compacts - and is sold in Asia markets. The items that I have spotted from an Israeli seller are not Chanel, the packaging is wrong, it is not a new version - bottom line it is NOT authentic. Do not spend a single penny on something that you have zero idea what will do to your skin - it is not made by Chanel.

CHANEL 180 Colour Palette - eyeshadows
I see a couple of people trying to sell these "bargains" for £75 - which would be amazing if they were authentic unfortunately they are not.  These seem to be manufactured in the Far East and a fair few seem to be coming into the UK via Australia.


Here we have a slightly schizophrenic product of an eyeshadow trio with a lipstick range name - Hydrabase are lipsticks not eyeshadow.  These were spotted with a Far East seller, who is also selling a lot of Lancome and Smashbox fakes (yes, watch out for those - be aware that Smashbox have moved some manufacturing to China so some legitimate authentic Smashbox does bear the Made in China statement).


Well for a start the packaging is wrong - yes Chanel make a colour called Spark which looks similar to the one being offered,
however Chanel currently make two main types of lipgloss - namely the Glossimer, in a long sleek tube with a foam applicator, and the tube is a rounded square in profile (the fake is quite clearly square with about a millimetre thickness to the plastic and fake has writing on the long side of the tube).  The other authentic Chanel is the Crystal gloss - which is a smaller package, shorter and has a rectangular profile.

Neither authentic glosses ever have writing on the barrel of the tube - they only ever have a sticker or printed name or number at the end.  The wand has a cc logo at the end - it will be a cc and it is never in a circle.

You might want to read my other reviews on this one - it is fake

I appreciate that some people might be upset by this list and may not be aware that they are selling fakes, they should be aware that ignorance is no defense in law, and if they have read any of my other reviews then they really should know better

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