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It seems that the run up to Christmas is fair game for sellers who like sell counterfeits.  We have seen the various fake shoes,
bags, sunglasses over the summer, so how about a thoughtful gift of a mascara or a blusher for someone you love?

We all like to save money don't we?

The latest fakes that have been spotted are blushers and more mascaras...

HYDRABASE is a lipstick NOT a blusher - one seller at least is selling a blusher in a round container (NO, NO, NO ) with a brush stating Chanel in white print on the brush (NO!), in a box marked HYDRABSE, FACE RED - evidently the counterfeiters didn't understand spelling or the literal translation from the use of mechanical translation systems.

WONDERCURL - my favourite bete-noire product that never existed - it does not exist in any Chanel product line! Mascara is particularly dangerous, you only have one chance with your eyes.  People have asked me about this - some have complained to me that the mascara is very thin and watery, and can they complain to Chanel?  Chanel did not manufacture the product therefore if you have irritation, they cannot do anything for you - they however be very interested in knowing who sold it to you. If there is a personal injury as a consequence of the use of the fake product it is down to you to sue the seller.

PRECISION - Chanel have Precision as their skin care range, however in Asia they have whitening foundation and concealer - that is it - no mascara.

Please, I appreciate that some sellers don't know whether an item is authentic or not however, a handbag - OK, it is criminal but carrying a fake bag will not necessarily bring you out in a rash or worse.

Understand this - Chanel, Dior etc spend a lot of money on development of products, they cannot afford for things to go wrong; if something does go wrong it is a complete product recall all remaining stock is destroyed. Counterfeiters very rarely source the same identical product - meaning what? Well, when you read the packaging of an authentic product, you will typically see information on the ingredients list - certainly the counterfeiters might copy this, however based upon the fact that all they are interested in is your money and not your welfare.

There are a number of ingredients which have been banned in Europe and America - it is a huge list, a lot of them are colourants, preservatives, some have been derived from coal and petrochemical industry.  The ban is certainly not global!  Meaning that anyone who buys an unsourced unaudited product is putting themselves at risk.

We are not talking about mild skin irritations, we are talking a whole set of nasties that can blind, give you chemical burns, and some are carcinogens (they will increase your disposition to cancer).

I appreciate that some of you know it all already and that for some sellers it may hit home a little too hard - To those sellers who think "don't care", well you should because the upshot is that you could be criminally liable. Unfortunately ignorance is no defense in law, go back to your supplier and return the items, if they don't refund you call in trading standards.

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