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Fake CND - how to spot them:

My wife asked me to purchase some CND products as she wanted to use them herself rather than keep paying a lot of money in a shop.

I researched the product as i would if I was buying a Dutch tile or a model tin trucks. I found basic kits for sale, but they did not have the colours my wife wanted. in the end I got the CND machine from one seller (with a UK plug - be are of that... lots have to have an adapter, although all the CND machines are 100v to 220v at 50/60) I found by buying the items from several sources that that my wife could save about £45.00 and still get a reasonable number of colours she wanted which she had applied in the shop.

As you ladies will know that the base coat and top coat comes in two sizes. My wife decided on the smaller size and found a good deal ... well cheap is good is it not? no not always. After discussing the issue she asked me to order another top & base coat. As I was also ordering some colours that a dealer had I tagged on the base & top coat.

So she now has two top coats and two base coats.. no problems, they will get used.  The cheap ones came in an envelope (fast) the other order came in the original boxes also fast.

I get to compare the items.  I then head off and search about CND fakes. Yes the cheaper item were fakes. I contacted the seller and immediately a refund. Told to keep the fakes.... not knowing what is in the fake bottles they are just kept to compare.

The main thing noticed is the base has a number over the imposed imprinted number. This number if original is the same on the box... but the other two top & base coats did not have a box and yes you are a head of me.. no number on the bottom either. the bottom of the base & top coat also had lots of tiny bubbles of glass going around the edge. The front labels also do not look right either. side by side you can see settle differences, colour print quality. 

I needed to get another top & base, so I asked the dealer to flat pack the boxes... no excuse about postage on square boxes... yes they are 100%. So it is a case of finding an honest trader and being aware of cheap knock off items.

pity there is no button to report a fake.
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