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Hiya, I am writing this Guide to warn you all of the number of FAKE, BLOOMINGDALE LITTLE BROWN BAGS & OTHER DESIGN BLOOMINGDALE BAGS & ACCESSORIES on Ebay. If you browse through these Items you will see the Genuine sellers will always sell these NEW Bags for £15-£20 & NO LESS as they Cost $20 US Dollars in the Shops to Buy!!!

 I have just bought one of the new design Bloomingdale bags myself 'the pink ones with handbags & shoes on it' & luckily after searching for a good while & seeing some of them are FAKES & nearly stumbling & buying a cheaper one for £15 with Free P+P (which i later realised was FAKE), i bought one for the Full £20 & luckily it arrived today & was genuine as i thought as i decided to pay the proper money for it from a genuine US Seller 'yuraasup' & was very pleased with it.

As with MOST Designer Products on ebay there is a vast Market for FAKE,COPIED Goods & alot of money to be made out of it. And STILL SILLY people will buy these items EVEN if they know they are FAKE, as long as it looks REAL to them & like they have got the real item then they would rather pay ie £35 for an item than say the Authentic Retail Price of this Item of ie £180. As like most of us we dont have the Money to splash out on £200 Handbags everyday, like WE WISH we could!!!!

So i am just WARNING YOU that a number of people are Selling these FAKE Bloomingdale Handbags especially THE LITTLE BROWN HANDBAGS as they are so easy & so cheap to fake & the problem is the Fake ones look very Authentic so its hard to tell.

1). THE FAKE BAGS always are made out of CHEAP,THIN,FLIMSY Material which looks very tacky & nasty. Wheras if you look at an Authentic Bloomingdale Bag they are made out very STRONG, STIFF, THICK plastic rubber Material. This is the easiest way to spot a fake & ONE one of the few only ways of telling that one of these bags are FAKE. If you look at the FAKE,COPIED Bags the Material & Bag in the Photo will not be Standing correctly it will be Blatentley FLIMSY, SAGGY, and DIPPING at the Top which showd cheap, FAKE MATERIAL USED TO MAKE IT. So STAY AWAY of any Bag looking like this. As an Authentic Bag,even after months of use will always stand up Straight & never sag due to the thick, Quality rubber used to make it.

2). FAKE BAGS usually have very POOR PHOTOGRAPHS OF THEM & usually Sellers will only take the ONE Photo & they will usually be Dark Gloomy Photographs from a short distance. Wheras a Genuine Seller will always take a NUMBER OF CLOSE UP, VERY CLEAR QUALITY Photographs showing you all angles of the Bag & showing you the Tags attatched to it. Also it would be an idea to check the Sellers Feedback as with most Purchases although this is no Guarantee & people can be Silly & buy fakes knowingly or not want to leave Bad feedback anyway,so i wouldnt go by this but it may help a little.

3). Like i said Before. Fake items will always be LOW PRICES & sell for £6-£14. Authentic Bloomingdale Bags WILL NOT SELL FOR UNDER £14 MINIMUM USUALLY!!!! So Beware of Bargains for New Bags, they WILL BE FAKE,COPIES!!!

4). ALL Authentic NEW Bloomingdale Bags will ALWAYS have a SHOP RETURNS TAG on them as ALL Bloomingdale Bags Have one of these when Purchased as a returns Label if a refund is Required. Many FAKE,COPIED Bags DO NOT have this Tag on them. If they DO NOT have ONE of  THESE REQUIRED FOR REFUND TAGS ON THEM then THEY ARE FAKE,COPIED ITEMS!!!! So DO NOT BUY or email Seller & ask Queations & BEWARE!!! These Tags will be a Rectangular White Tag with a Barcode, Price & Details on one Side & on the other Side there will be a small Rectangular 'BLOOMINGDALES REQUIRED FOR RETURN' STICKER stuck on there with another Barcode on it. These Could be Easily FAKED THOUGH but currently MOST FAKE Bags will NOT have one of these Tags or Stickers on them. Some Sellers Selling FAKES State that all Tags & Labels have been removed for Legal Reasons, this is B***S**t!!!!

4). FAKE BAGS will always have Slightly DIFFERENT WRITING on it & the Font & Font Size will be Slightly enlarged & off allignment (although this can be very Hard to tell sometimes,especially with the Poor photos FAKE Sellers include in there listings). But you will be able to see a Slight Difference in the TEXT & ALSO IN THE BAGS COLOUR. As the Colour is Printed onto CHEAP,FAKE MATERIAL the Bags overall Colour will be Different Slightly USUALLY DARKER on the 'Littly Brown Bags'. So Beware...

I Hope this Guide Help's as i haven't see n anyone write a Guide on FAKE BLOOMINGDALE LITTLE BROWN BAGS & OTHERS & I WANTED TO warn PEOPLE from being Conned out of there money Unfairly s Ebay is not Strict enough on there Sellers & Listings,but thats a different Story!!! So Remember CHECK, MATERIAL it should be stiff,quality rubber. CHECK BAG COLOR & WRITING it should be perfect & alligned & light brown NOT darker, CHECK TAGS ESPECIALLY & make SURE THERE IS A SHOP TAG WITH RETURNS TAG ATTATCHED (ALWAYS!!!), if NOT then its FAKE, CHECK PHOTOGRAPHS they should be clear,close ups & pictures taken from ALL BAGS ANGLES & OF TAGS REMEMBER!!! & also remember one of the MAIN FACTS TO CONSIDER is the PRICE. DO NOT THINK YOU WILL GET A BARGAIN & AN AUTHENTIC ITEM FOR £6-£15 AS YOU WONT.DONT BE CONNED!!! an authentic Bag will 9 times out of 10 Sell for £18-£22 on Average & NO LESS if NEW.

So People PLEASE be CAREFULL & dont Pay £15 for a Bloomingdales Bag that is Cheap, Nasty & Tacky as you may as well gone out & Bought a 'Marks & Spencers Bag for Life' if you wanted a CHEAP SHOPPER BAG as Believe me YOU WOULD GET BETTER QUALITY if you had gone & bought a 'Shop STORE BAG FOR LIFE' rather than a FAKE,COPIED Bloomingdales Bag. SO DONT,PAY THE RIGHT MONEY & YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTEED!!! 

I Hope you fund this Guide Usefull & PLEASE DONT FORGET TO LET ME KNOW IF THIS GUIDE WAS HELPFUL OR NOT & Thankyou for Taking the Time to Read this & Educate yourself of these Scamster Con's. Also we Will be Having a Hall of 'Name & Shame' like in my 'FAKE A+F GUIDE' has to Help you all out by 'NAMING & SHAMING' these Small Minded People who Rip Consumers Off by there  Needless Greed. This will be Constantly under Construction with more names added so Please bear with me.

Thanks AMY    (MADFOXY)



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