FAKE Chanel Lip Gloss Spark a Conversation + Cristalle

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Just to advise that Chanel do not make Spark a Conversation in any colour or variation and yet there is an Israeli seller offering this and many more fake Chanel items.

The seller's Chanel Cristalle gloss is also fake as the packaging is incorrect for the item - no doubt you will see them highlighted to the right as Ebay promote the items ------>

This is what the fakes look like...

Fake Cristalle gloss                                     This product doesn't even exist!

Please do not be taken in by fake authenticity codes in the title or description - check with the Chanel official site or your local Chanel counter.  Remember selling fakes is an offence, and whilst you can't be seriously hurt by a fake handbag (I am NOT condoning buying one), you have no idea what ingredients are in the cosmetics.

Oh but Mariinskiya it says it is safe and the ingredients are listed on the box... Yes, maybe so but anyone who counterfeits the product isn't likely to be entirely honest about the ingredients either don't you think?


The real Chanel Cristalle gloss looks like this:

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