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There are some very convincing reproduction enamel & cast iron signs entering the market at the moment. The signs are well made fakes designed to fool you into thinking they are genuine. Even experts have difficulty with these, as they are deliberately produced with chips and marks, and even rust!

Reputable sellers do tell you that they are reproduction, or replica signs. Other not so honest dealers are trying to pass them off as genuine. It is one thing to buy a sign knowing that it is a good quality reproduction, it is quite another to find that the sign you just paid hundreds of pounds for is worth considerably less!

Our advice is to ask the seller some searching questions, and ask for a money back guarantee if the item is found not to be genuine as described. If you see the same sign appearing over and over again, it is more than likely a fake.

I have seen numerous items recently being sold, and bought as genuine, which are clearly not.

Below is a good example of one doing the rounds!

If in doubt consult an expert. You have been warned!

Lovejoy Antiques
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