FAKE FITNESS DVD's - Beware and Please report

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There does seem to be a lot of fake fitness DVD's for sale on e-bay at the moment , which are sometimes easy to tell , sometimes not but E-Bay do not seem to do much to stop.

Look out for sellers who are only selling current DVD's on their listings , particularly new sellers the main ones I have seen are Davina Fit, Pussycat Dolls workout, The new Coleen Nolan-Lets get Physical , Hannah Waterman etc mostly the new issues.

What frightens me is that the sellers are getting positive feedback by people who do not realise they have bought a fake.

When buying beware of

New Sellers mainly listing Newly released DVD's , particularly where they are not described as new and where there are multiple copies available, also where very little information is given other than Davina Fit DVD - Great to get rid of those Christmas pounds or similar.

Listings that say include case and cover (If original of course it does so why say )

Once you receive the DVD have a look at the printing quality particularly the back of the DVD all the small writing should be clear and readable if fuzzy it is probably a home made copy, also the printing on the Disc itself tends to be fuzzy and the real giveaway if you hold the disc upto the light what colour does it look ? , If reddish in colour this normally means it is a DVD-R disc which is not used to manufacture original DVD's. If you have bought any recently have a close look at them and if not sure try to compare to an original DVD (even if you just look at the ones on the shelf in Tesco) and you may be surprised at the difference.

A great website to look at is Fact-uk.org.uk who have a downloadable leaflet about both DVD and CD fakes

If you have received a fake ,please report to e-bay as an item not as described and you should get your money back ,and leave  Negative Feedback with a note why , or update feedback if you have already left to warn others

 E-Bay seem reticent to remove sellers unless they get multiple complaints or it's an obvious scam



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