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This is the second guide I have written on fake football shirts on eBay. The first was specific on A.S Roma shirts. This second little guide aims to cover all shirts on eBay.

You can make sure you get everything right by following the following steps when buying a football shirt on eBay:

1. ALWAYS look closely at the shirts description. If the description does not mention that the shirt is an official product or that it is 'authentic' then the chances are that the shirt is a fake.

Dont be fooled by the fakes on eBay. I recently wanted to buy an Italy away shirt (WC2006) and was astonished at the amount of fakes on ebay. The shirts may look great, they may match the original official shirts very well. But they are still fakes.

If the seller does not clearly state that hte shirt for sale is an 'official product' or an 'authentic' then contact the seller and ask.

2.TAGS! Do not be fooled by the tags that are pictured with the fake shirts on ebay! These tags are easy to re-produce and should be totally disregarded. They mean nothing. They are fake. So is the shirt.

2. Always pay via Paypal so that you can claim your money back when you realise you have a fake shirt. Or if the shirt starts falling apart or decaying.

3. Try checking out the official product at subsidesports.com or kitbag.com - you can sometimes detect a fake by photographs but its very difficult. The counterfit merchants in the far east have got better and better at mimicking the real thing. The best way to tell a fake is by looking at the smaller details. Try to compare the badge sizes, the materials used, the sizes and shapes of details on the shirts.

A good example I saw recently was with the Germany home shirt. The official shirt features a perculiar mesh material for the red/yelow detail on the shirt (not easily visible by photo). The official shirt also features indented lines running down the shirt which again, is difficult to see by photograph alone. The fake shirts feature none of this detail.

Just make sure you always try to find out if the shirt is authentic first. ALWAYS ask the seller. If the seller does not reply to you within a day or so then the shirt is probably a fake.
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