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I just want to warn you out there if you are buying from the net, E-Bay or in person from a shop or web site to be very very careful. I 'WON' some from a seller claiming they were genuine

and when they aerived they looked the real macoy, only when i tried to activate the warranty on them with GHD i was asked for the BAR CODE!!!! I told them they did not have one but the HOLOGRAM was on them. Thay asked me to send them in for verification, only if they were fake i would not get them back!!!! I e-mailed the seller who just kept replying that they were genuine!! GHD said theyy would not have left the factory WITHOUT the barcode label so were more than likely FAKE. This was June last year, the seller is no longer registered and i paid £83 in vouchers that i have no way of getting back. I still have the FAKE ones but trading standards have advised me not to use because they could be substandard and cause harm or distress. I just want YOU THE PAYING INNOCENT BUYERS to know that these low life scum get away with this and if like me you have no rights or any way of getting your money returned. I am £83 out of pocket, hours and hours of time on the phone and no straightners to use. PLEASE BE CAREFUL, E-Bay do not want to know, after all they get thier FEES whatever. DONT GET CAUGHT OUT.... NO ONE WANTS TO KNOW. The sellers address was fake to.......



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