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If you are about to buy some GHD's on Ebay then please consider the following.

Most GHD's on sale on Ebay are fakes, they come from China and Hong Kong

GHD do not produce anywhere near the kind of quantity that feeds the Ebay market.

Pink GHD's are in very short supply so if you see some for sale on Ebay they are almost certainly fakes.

Almost all fake GHD's develop a fault within the first few times of using, some just dont heat up, others have exploded or caught fire.

Check sellers feedback. If it is low then look for someone else with a higher feedback who has had positive feedback for selling GHD's. Low feedback suggests that they have had original listings removed and are using another account.

Compare the prices with those on the actual GHD website. Weigh up if it is really worth saving a few quid when you know you have the option of buying  the real thing and have a 2 year warranty. (And don't need to worry about them blowing up)

Use your common sense....If it looks too good to be true, it usually is!





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