FAKE GHD's - What To Ask The Seller.....

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Having purchased a fake pair of GHD's from Ebay from a person who I honestly think didn't realise that their straighteners were fake, thought I'd drop a quick line about my experience.

I won't bore you by telling you things people have already suggested so I'll summarise my experience with a suggestion at the very end as to what I suggest EVERYONE should do and I subsequently did to ensure I purchased a geniune pair of GHD's.

In summary, purchased GHD's, tried to register them with GHDhair.com over the weekend but couldn't, telephoned their customer services on 0845 33011330 and they confirmed that they were fake.  Having opened a dispute within Paypal got my money back 24 hours later.  I'd purchased a white (PURE) pair and I've got to say looked lovely BUT the wording GHD on the hinge of the straighteners was slightly smudged which I thought if I were a company as big as GHD I wouldn't allow through quality control.  Other than that, they were perfect.

I wanted either a limited edition white (PURE) or black (DARK) pair of GHD's. 

This is what I did:-

Having added to my watching list all the people selling the straighteners I wanted, if they were used, I sent them all a question asking if the straighteners had been registered.  None of them had.  Having told them of my experience I then asked ALL the sellers if they would be willing to provide me with the serial number off the GHD flex being offered for sale in order for me to verify with GHD that the said straighteners were geniune.  Now this is where trust comes into play as you could quite easily be a bad person and produce the serial number labels that go on the fake straighteners. 

One seller did and I subsequently purchased her dark GHD's which have since been registered to me.

If I hadn't of been so lucky in finding someone that was willing to trust me I would have then asked the sellers, if I buy your straighteners, prior to me paying for them, will you give me the serial number off the flex in order for me to verify with GHD that they're geniune.  If your enquiry is within normal working hours phone them up, if it's out of hours go to their web site GHDhair.com.  By entering the serial number in stage 1 on the GHD web site which will then tell you whether they're geniune or not does not register the product to you, registration only applies when you've completed ALL 3 stages.  IF THE SELLERS GOT NOTHING TO HIDE, I don't see why this request wouldn't be acceptable to them.  If the product turns out to be fake, you've handed over no money so walk away from the deal informing Ebay if you need to.

I'm surprised how much I've typed but hope you find this information helpful.  I didn't want to register my GHD's for warranty purposes because at the end of the day the one's I purchased were used, I simply wanted to have peace of mind that what I'd purchased was geniune.

To prove to Ebay that these type of forums are useful, PLEASE don't just read the guide and move on, vote for it to keep it active so others can see it in the future.

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