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I recently bought some Gillette Fusion Power blades from a seller who at the time had nearly 500/100% positive feedback. He had also only sold these blades and no other products. On this basis I should have had no issue with the blades being genuine.
 However after ten days they hadn't arrived, and after looking at his feedback, I noticed a couple of remarks about them being fake. When they eventually arrived I noticed that the blades were very loose and uneven.  I also checked them against www.fakeblades.com to discover that they should have a serial number; which they didn't.
I openeded a Paypal dispute which I immediately escalated to to a claim. I later notified the seller of my actions and my reasons. The seller didn't contest, and even told me to keep the blades; which I later sent to Gillette. I eventually received confirmation from them that they were counterfeit, and was also sent a £5 voucher for new blades.
My advice would be  to ask if the blades have a serial number before purchase. Any genuine seller should know if they do or not. Also ignore sellers claiming they won't accept returns if the product has been opened. If you believe they may be fake go straight to Paypal and open a claim, and unless they ask for them to be returned, send them to Gillette for disposal and you may get a voucher too.
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