FAKE HANDBAG GUIDE - Easily spot ANY fake

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To most people, fake handbags are hard to spot, but there are certain easy signs which SCREAM out 'fake'. Not all of these are just contained in the listing.

This quide will help you spot high end designer fakes i.e. bags with an RRP of a few hundred pounds. There are lots of guides that tell you specific things to spot for certain types of bags, but rather than pore over tiny details, this guide will help you quickly elimate the obvious fakes. I've seen almost perfact fakes being manufactured and some of the information contained in the majority of these detail by detail guides is purely circumstantial.


99% of designer bags do not have any plastic packaging on the handles - instead they have canvas or fabric dust bags to keep them safe. If you spot plastic wrapping on a handbag, steer clear. This also applies to the bits 'n' bobs i.e. buckles being wrapped in tissue paper - this doesn't happen.


Check out what other items the seller is listing, and have a quick look at their feedback to see the kind of things they have sold. If for example they have a history of selling cheap or mid range textiles and items, and then suddenly theres an £800 louis vuitton bag, how realistic is this? Stay clear away. Most people who own designer handbags and want to get rid of them will usually have other high priced items for sale, or have a history of selling high priced items.

However, if they have a too many of the same item i.e. 3 identical bags, they are almost definately fake as fashion houses restrict the amount of items for sale to prevent mass resale.


Most sellers should have the original packaging - i keep EVERYTHING; the dust covers, the boxes, even the reciepts so that i can get repairs done. This packaging is used to keep the bags in perfect condition when it's being stored in the shops, and i can't think of anything better to store my beloved bags in. If they don't have this, then i'd be suspicious.


If the price seems to good to be true, it always is. Although a lot of sellers list very low starting prices, a starting price of £15 or so, especially with no reserve, for a bag worth £650 is ridiculous. Don't bid!


Lots of sellers grab photos from websites. ALWAYS look for original photos of the item i.e. not shot in a studio. If they don't have them, ask for an email. When they email you the photos, cross reference these with other items on ebay. Lots of sellers use stolen photos to guarantee authenticity, and to hide poor quality fakes.


Bother to check if the item actually exists. I've seen auctions for Louis Vuitton bags that don't exist. If in doubt, check out the website or search for the model name on the internet. If nothing comes up, it is a completely made up design. Also i've noticed colours of bags turning up that were never manufactured.


I hope this quide will equipt you to better spot the fakes. My aim is to help you spot ANY fake-not just a certain model. If it has, please give me a thumbs up.


Remember to NEVER buy from new sellers. These people don't care if they get bad feedback or have their account removed as they can easily start again. Paypal will struggle to get your money back and you may end up with nothing. I would advise that you buy from someone who has been registered for at least 6 months and has at least 100 feedbacks, with no negatives that indicate missing items. They don't have to have 100% feedback as they may have got neutral or negatives for other things, but as long as there are no 'BEWARE. ITEM NOT RECIEVED' type messages, you should be safe.
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