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I have just paid out a lot of money for a bottle of fake JPG, and I am gutted.  For another couple of quid I could have had a smaller bottle of the real thing from the high street.  At least I would'nt have been throwing my money down the drain!  The seller was not a power seller and I really though she seemed OK, but as I could see the bottle was a fake as soon as I took it out of the envelope (it was'nt even wrapped!) I really believe she knew the bottle contained what smelt like cats pee.  She stated that she had bought the item herself on e-bay so I should have wondered why she was getting rid of it!  The cheap security tag had been removed more than once so someone knew what was in it.  I have reported the matter to e-bay but expect to hear no more about it, and the seller has not answered my e-mails.  It is so difficult to make out what a perfume bottle is really like on photos, and you cannot see that a bottle has no labels on the bottom in a photo, also the colour cannot be judged properly, or the quality of the decoration on the bottle!  So do yourself a favour and buy your perfume from the high street, and know exactly what you are getting.! 
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