FAKE Kim & Co

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I recently bought a Kim & Co green tunic ( yes the lable said Kim& Company) When it arrived and did so quickly the 1st thing I noticed was the amazing colour, then I noticed the lable, I thought ok, perhaps old stock or maybe they had changed their label design. I sent the seller positive mainly because the item arrived super quick and it really was a great colour, however not in a million years is the item a Kim & Co original who is based in canada and her clothes are only sold on QVC and from preferred byers though QVC and ordinary folk like me who is constantly changing her wardrobe.

1. I washed the item and the colour ran

2. The material is heavy and did arrive with creases( now theres a sign)

3. Its finishing around the neck/hem/ sleeves are just nasty.

I love my Kim & Co and so do many ladies!!!! Is nothing sacred.

This seller will not get me a second time, I hope they dont get you either. Good luck

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