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I really feel the need to warn buyers about the amount of FAKE Lacoste trainers for sale on e-bay at the moment, especially the Lacoste Rotate.

I have just been conned, and after doing some research on e-bay, I have discovered lots of fake pairs being sold by different sellers. There is even feedback from buyers who seem oblivios to the fact that they are poor fakes. I am going to point out a few things which you should look for before buying. Please take note.

- The majority of fake Lacoste's have the crocodile stitched the wrong way round (tail first)! Seems obvious, but in the pictures it's hard to notice unless it's pointed out (I fell for it...). Also, the crocodile is a slightly different colour.

- The fake ones usually have a white sole with a blue 'Lacoste' logo on the bottom, the real ones have a red one. Real ones can also have a blue sole or grey sole.

- The 'Lacoste' logo on the front velcro tab is blue and poorly stitched on the fakes. On the originals, it usually doesn't have 'Lacoste' stitched on the tabs, it is on a rubber type thing on the end of the tabs, and it says 'Lacoste' on there. Real Lacostes may have 'Lacoste' stitched in white across the tabs though, as I have seen some pretty real looking ones with that on.

- You won't be able to tell this really until you buy them, but the stitching is very poor. Inside the shoe (the part you stand on), the fake ones have a dodgy white tag saying LACOSTE CHAUSSURES' and a tatty tag under the tongue saying 'made in Vietnam' or something similar. The real ones say 'Lacoste Sport' and you will be able to tell the difference immediately.

- Lastly, the originals are made from a very soft, flexible leather. The fakes are made from hard PVC/plastic stuff.  

I must point out that this happened quite a while ago now so I no longer keep track of the fake sellers. But I'm sure from the info I've supplied you will be able to tell for yourself. Oh one more thing, the fakes often have an green, original looking box. Don't be fooled like I was. Report fraudulent sellers to ebay.

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