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Hi All,

I thought that i would post this as i have had a recent encouter myself. Like most people i was trying to get something a little cheaper if i could, but it ended up resulting in disappointment. I thought, as long as i make sure it has all of the packaging and is

hallmarked and the ad states is LOL (links Of London) then it shouldn't be a problem. How wrong could i be.....basically the photo showed the bracelet in a LOL box with a black and beige ribbon, with cards marked LOL and a LOL bag. The ad

stated it was Hallmarked once on the bracelet and once on the charm. It also stated it was brand new, and that it was sterling silver and that the designer was LOL. So looking at it as a whole it looked to be genuine. 


I received the parcel this morning as was so excited. I opened it and sure enough there was the LOL bag, LOL cards, LOL Box and a very nice looking bracelet inside. I took a closer look and also saw that, yes the LOL STAMP (three rings) was on

the barrell of the bracelet and also on the link to the charm. I then started looking for the Hallmarks. Yes there was one on the link. however.....upon close inspection (with a magnifying glass) my husband saw that the Hallmark on the link was not like it

was listed inside the card that came with it (LL- 925- Pic of Lion- Pic of Tower -and a C) It certainly was the LL and 925 but then the lion and tower were not clear at all.  Then on the second link from the barrell was another hallmark that appeared to

have been lasered on, this did clearly show all of the symbols.

This is when i picked up the phone to LOL customer services and asked them what exactly i should be looking for...and this is what i was told; 



TWO Proper hallmarkings (not the three rings). BOTH hallmarkings WILL be STAMPED into the metal...NOT LASERED. NONE of Links Of London geniune items have lasering. ONE is on one of the links near to the barrell that has LOL stamped on it. SECOND one is on the ACTUAL hoop of the charm that attatched to the bracelet. This loop connecting the charm to the bracelet should be oval and not circular and should have a tiny hallmarking STAMPED onto it. I have

also compared mine to my friends who actually got hers from LOL and upon looking at hers the hallmarks are very tiny and BOTH are STAMPED on.

Comparing it to my friends again, her genuine bracelet that she bought from LOL only has one bit of elasticated band running through it not two or three. Also the links should not have joins in them, they should all be smooth with no join visible !

LOL customer services also stated that the fakers laser the hallmarking on because they can not reproduce the Lion Symbol or the 3 Towers symbol in the actual LOL hallmark....i re looked at the hallmarking on mine and sure enough the one which had been stamped on had the LL 925 but the Lion and Towers were just blobs...which quite clearly backed up what LOL were saying.


Lastly...if this makes sense, the feel of the silver is different. With the one i received it felt a little more plasticy to touch...it wasn't plastic but felt like it had a some sort of coating over it.

 I will say that the standard of this fake one i have is very very good, but upon proper inspection it is easy to tell it is fake. Also a last piece of advice is that once i emailed the seller back he was very apologetic and stated he did not know it was fake and that he did actually buy it from a jewellery store. He stated that the person in the store sold him it telling him it was real showing him the hallmarks. He also did offer a full refund which is great....however he did also state that even if i did not return the item he would still refund £30 as compensation for this mistake. My feelings on this.......he certainly knows its fake and he knows that if i leave him negative feedback he will loose customers and possibly his account so this is why he is offering compensation without me sending the item back !

I have contacted ebay and informed them of this and they are now looking into this....bottom line like everyone else advises, if you are after a genuine item its probably best you go to the shop, unless you are happy to have a replica...

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