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This is a quick guide on fake mac on ebay!

First of all i would like to say the fake sellers are getting better at it!

i bought two mac eyeshadows of ebay a few days ago 1 pigment and 1 eyeshadow, now i have been stung with these before so i 'knew' what to look out for this time!

obviously the shade name on the box a sticker barcode on the bottom of the box are fair indicators that the item is genuine {well at least the box}

so i made sure the two items i bought had all of these on

Most obviously with the eyeshadows is the Two way opening with the colour on one side and the 'nirror + applicator' on the other side {obvious fakes}

the 'real'  mac eyeshadows dont have this, also the actual eyeshadow is set within the case not raised so you can see it above the casing!

So anyway i have bought the two from a seller on here with powerseller status with all ++++  feedback. the pictures had the qualities of the real mac so thought all was ok!

Well they arrived today! they did to be fair look pretty impressive!

the boxes were correct the labeling was in the right place and stuff, it was when i actually tried the pigment that i got a bit suspicious about it!

it was called 'violet' now it did look a bit darker than i have seen before, but when i tried it on my hand it didnt do so well, so i tried it on my eye as i would normally use it, and i listerally had to cake the stuff on to get any colour and just did not blend at all!

so now for the eyeshadow the shade was slip pink its supposed to be a velvet. it looked ok but again when i tried it on my hand it was over chalky {i no the velvets can be a bit chalky} but this was something else! also again had to use a lot of it to show any colour at all!
So i thought i would depott it to check it, everything else with it was absolutly spot on but it just didnt seem right!

So a depotting which normally take me around 5 -10mins took over half an hour! had to completly melt the inside plastic tub to get any where near the pan, finally after a long time i got it out to find that the pan wasnt smooth like it should be and could see the remnants of ghlue still on the pan {alarm bells ding ding} so i got my mac store bought eyeshadow and compared it to this one and surprise surprise the original mac didnt have what i can only explain to be like a inner circle shape ridge!

not happy at all! i have been fooled yet again, but i am not too down on myself as everything else with this eyeshadow and packaging was absolutly spot on!

so bit of a muddled guide with my experience there but i think you get the message!

If you buy any mac eyeshadow on ebay even if the product and packaging looks ok please make sure you depot it then you will findout the truth!

my god the fake sellers are getting good!

so there are a few little hints and ideas along with my 'fake mac buying story'

if you have any questions or would like  me to post some picture then please dont hesitate to ask!

Bye for now


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