FAKE NIKE AIR MAX 1 - PATTA - watch out !!!

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Beware of the recent FAKE Nike Air Max 1 Pattas that have shown up on EBay UK in Jan 2010 !!!

However they are easy to spot...

Mudguard (piece of material around the front of the shoe) is made from CANVAS not DENIM, the canvas can be easily spotted by the small square weave pattern in the material - see photo...denim material when viewed up close has lots of straight lines all in the same direction.

The colours are also way off, especially on the purple (tier0) FAKE shoe the purple is very light, on the REAL sho the purple is very dark - almost a blackcurrant.....note how light the purple is in the photo

Top plastic eyelett is also a give away - on the FAKE the material is badly finished in this area, the material is cut bady around the eyelett with loose threads, the stiching should flow perfectly around the shape of the eyelett too - see photo

The small nike "tick" on the mudguard whould be in the center, on the FAKE it is lower down by the sole - see photo


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