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I feel extremely frustrated on the majority of items on ebay that are Fake!!

And also sorry for the Ebay buters who have purchased from the sellers who sell it

ISNT THIS MEANT TO BE A UK SITE !! why do we have endless honk kong and all sort of miserable unsafe fakes rolling around STILL in the community.

Im happy to pay the full price for orignal items not these non orignal items it makes life harder filtering out the Fakes ! here is a little guide i suggest users follow.

1.Never under any condition purchase from a seller who DOES NOT mention the item as orignal or authentic.

Always question the item.If they respond and say its true from there best knowledge from there supplier.. DONT PURCHASE its not orignal. And there saying the safest repley thus voiding any suspicion Or liabilities on confirmation its authentic. but be assure its not geniune a true seller will repley stating there is 12 month warrenty all packaging is orignal and from authentic suppliers of .. ect thats a confident seller and also is happy to link you a comparisent review of the orignal item.

if a seller is confident in there item why not claim the authenticity!!???........... For example.

MDR-EX700 Earphone Headphones Retail for 160-200 pounds... There is alot for sale from 4- pounds - 20 pounds. No claims of authenticity. FAKE FAKE FAKE...you dont need to be a rocket scientist to realise youll end up with poor quailty goods and when you receive it dissapointed. Fakes are unsafe and not to CE standards or tested meaning they can be harmful in the material used and unsafe is you have siblings who can swollow loose parts Or electrical take a nice shock. You dont get the quailty in the product.

I sooner pay into quaility than a jappanesse import on a UK ebay site. Or a UK seller selling them imports. so life is time consuming now filtering from the nonsense to the orignal if u aggree with me hit YES

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