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Unfortunately more and more dishonest people are trying to sell fake Oilily designer childrens clothing.

I cannot recommend strongly enough that you look at nofakeoilily  dot com and to question your potential oilily seller before you bid, from my experience any genuine oilily seller will have no objections whatsoever in talking about there oilily items.

Another good one is the official oilily website oilily-world dot com or oilily dot nl so you can see exactly what the new/current designs are supposed to look like.

If you want to contact the Oilily head office to inform them of fakes you have found and the sellers that are selling them its:

Head Office Worldwide
Oilily B.V.
P.O. Box 8077
NL-1802 KB Alkmaar
T: + 31 (0)72 - 5 66 22 66
F: + 31 (0)72 - 5 66 22 29

They dont take kindly to people ripping off there designs!

I myself have just been stung by buying cheap and tacky fake oilily boots from a seller that continues to sell fake oilily items as genuine. I have reported them to paypal, ebay and trading standards so hopefully they wont be on ebay for much longer.

Please see my feedback as the seller was kind enough to leave me negative feedback because I caught them out and have proof that there Oilily is fake! If you wish to see this proof please email me, you never know it may help you against being ripped off one day!

Remeber if a seller has a low percentage and they have made there feedback private then they are obviously trying to hide something and you should not take the risk and stay away! Buy from a reputable Oilily seller with a good reputation with all there feedback showing for you to read.

So please ,please remember that there are nasty, tacky con men and women who will think nothing of conning you out of your hard earned money and trying to pass off bad quality knock offs as the real thing.

If you come across one please dont let them get away with it, if we all pull together against these disgusting people then maybe we can be rid of them.

Remember we wouldnt expect to be sold fake designer items in a proper shop we walked into so dont take it off of ebay sellers either, it is completely illegal - trading standards have assured me that they take every complaint very seriously! The website is consumerdirect dot gov dot uk  They are very efficient, I made an online complaint on sunday and they phoned me at 10am monday about legal preceedings so please please report it!

Thanks and remember the website nofakeoilily dot com

Mollies mum x


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