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I thought i wouldnt get caught but just have.Please as soon as you receive your straightners phone ghd and verify  them as these people are getting away with charging big money for counterfeit goods and they are no where near as good as the real ones.The seller uses the line unwanted gift and in my case his items for sale are private so you cant see how many there actually selling. most of the straightners that are  for sale at the moment are counterfeit  the pink, white and black. before you bid make sure you ask for the code that is on the white label on the cable and verify before you pay for them as these crooks are charging big money for ghds and they are no better than a cheap pair you would buy in any shop. I bought a pair out of a salon today and compared them and there is a big difference .the counterfeit ones are much heavier and the bag and box is not as bright as the real one and they wont heat up to the temperature that real ghds do.
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