FAKE RAY BANS How to spot fake Ray-Bans

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Ray-Bans Ray-Bans Ray-Bans.... What is it about Ray Bans? - Its all about this....

Genuine Ray-Bans have the following hall marks:

Interlocking RB logo lazer etched into the lens on the left eye near hinge 

 Check it is etched, not painted - Etched logo will scratch at your nails, painted won't.

*Update - recent copies are etched but logo is too large and looks clumsy - (I've just bought another fake)*

Inter locking RB logo on nose pads - NOT full Ray-Ban wording - only RB; and should be interlocked

Quality rubber - all rubber frame covers should be dusted with a kind of chalky type substance and not stiff, sticky, or slimy, and be a very good fit at junction with frame

Warranties - machine cut (not with scissors) Care leaflet very dark where black and very glossy (not Photocopy quality and should have been folded by a machine not a person)

Soft case - 'fur' lined nose bridge within case (not smooth plastic) Also does not have Made in Italy embossed into front. Check the quality of the Gold Luxotica Logo - should be sharp and clean.

*Update - again new counterfeit cases now have fur bridge*

the key to telling if they are fake is the distribution sticker on the grey (Silver!) box. It should be a self adhesive sticker that you can peel off and stick onto a demonstration pair of glasses; it should have a barcode, the distributors name (say Killer loop eyeware); have the model no, frame no, and dimensions (say 58/17) and the lens type (say *3N) For some reason, the fake box does not atempt to copy this.

Check the Lens type (say *3N) ties up between guarantee card and glasses... (for example this pair *3N lens - guarantee card - *3P...)

Secondly, the grey (outer) box does have a recycling logo on it which may absent from the fake. The cleaning cloth should appear a quality product, and logo should not appear faded

Thirdly, just scrutinise every detail of the glasses quality, texture, fit, build, *check the quality of the guarantee card - this should be prestine and in no way whatsoever like photocopy quality.

Please note - If you are in any doubt; they are likely to be fake - go  to an optician and look at the real thing - the fakes will stickout a mile.

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