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First point all of our cards from thegadgetking are genuine from UK distributors and sent from the UK.

What to look out for?

There are lots of Sony 8gb Pro Duo fakes on ebay at the moment and a look at the feedback of the sellers usually tells you whether they are fake or not.  Check out the negative feedbacks received by the ebayer before buying.

Misleading location, a lot of sellers will list the item location as UK then send straight from China, this is quite common and once again the sellers feedback will reveal all.

The price, before buying check the price out on trusted online shops first at the time of writting a fair price for a Sony 8gb Pro Duo is about £59.99, the buying price is around  £53-£55 based on volume including VAT, so if they are being sold for less than £50 then they are either fake or well underpriced.  So if the seller is consistently selling under £50, it is fair to say they are probably selling fakes.

No packaging, some ebayers will claim these have been tested in PS3 and PSP before sending out, ask yourself this question, why would you test a genuine Sony card removing it from the packaging before sending, Sony are the most realiable brand in the memory world.  This is only done to deter the buyer from thinking they have a fake, in actual fact they have received a fake without the packing.

What to do?

  • report them to revenue and customs
  • report them to ebay
  • report them to paypal (if paid via paypal)
  • report them to the police
  • report them to trading standards
  • send a message to the buyer stating you have recieved a fake and you will take further action (this way we may be able to get the fakers off ebay)
  • report them to Sony

It is a shame that these ebayers who are selling fakes are able to trade on Ebay and ruin it for the good sellers.

If you have any questions feel free to ask away


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