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I bought some SONY MDR-EX90LP headphones that I thought were genuine until I opened the packet and realised that the pouch was not leather and it had the Guang Tong press studs on. Genuine Sony MDR-EX90LPs have a leather pouch and don't have Guang Tong press studs.

The headphones themselves are quite well made from turned metal, no scratches. The workmanship is pretty good. I think the giveaway is that the 'SONY' print on the aluminium is not straight, they are not lined up with each other and not that clear.

The fabric over the sound-hole is also not on straight when you take the ear buds off.

The lead is also well made, with all the right mouldings etc.

The box also has the right printing on and looks exactly like something you would buy in a retail store.

The other giveaway is that they sound awful, horrible boomy bass and not much scratchy treble. Much worse than a basic pair of Sony's that I have.

I bought them from an ebay seller who I won't name, I got a refund. I think it's reasonable to assume that 99% of the EX90-LPs on ebay are fakes.

But most of his customers don't seem to have noticed, they seem to like them and like the sound of them so there you go!

So here goes with the pics of my fake ex-headphones:

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