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Lately, I've been increasingly irritated by the influx of sellers offering fake "CUSTOM" Star Wars Lego on ebay.

Hello, I'm darths_star_wars_lego and I've been a seller of Lego on ebay for several years now. As you may have guessed from the name, I specialise in Star Wars Lego or more importantly Genuine Star Wars Lego. Why do I say "Genuine"?  Because more and more major ebay sellers are now finding it too hard and too expensive to provide genuine star wars lego, they are now turning to basically creating poor quality and not all too convincing replicas.

So how do you look out for Fake Star Wars Lego?
- the most obvious point is the use of the word "CUSTOM", this is just basically code for the fact that the item has just been put together using poor quality parts and stickers, I cannot emphasise this more, the item is not real Star Wars Lego! It's been made up.
- they are usually cheaper than the actual genuine figures being sold
- phrases within the listing such as "Not found in any sets"
- they simply don't look right, want to find a picture of a genuine figure? Go to google images and type in the name of the figure and you will find a picture. Or (and now for an unintentional plug) take a look in my store here.

Any more questions, then feel free to contact me. Don't get ripped off folks.
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