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If you're new to eBay and looking for silver jewellery then you might find this guide useful.

 Here are some tips on what to avoid to make sure you have a smooth transaction and a good quality product:

  • Cheap "Designer" Jewellery. This type of jewellery is quite common on eBay and you should be aware that only the actual company e.g. Tiffany / 1833 have rights to sell their product from either one of their own stores or their official website. Any unauthorised sales of immitation plated Tiffany Jewellery is therefore illegal and should be reported to eBay via the report button at the bottom of the listing.  As there are so many lisintgs of this type it is hard for eBay to police it 24/7 so a quick report (link at bottom of listing) can help clean up the market place and increase customer satisfaction.  Afterall, returning happy customers is what we all want!


  •  Items that are cast from a mould and silver plated.  Beware of these copies as well.  You might grab yourself a bargain but once the plating has evaporated you will be left with nothing. Silver is an investment (The price of raw material went up 30% last year!) and should be something to treasure - particularly if it's a gift and has some sentimental value to it.  This is afterall what jewellery is mostly about.  I do agree that there is some nice jewellery (beads etc) that has a throwaway value but this isn't generally advertised as 925 Silver!


  • Why is it so cheap?  If something is so cheap then it generally isn't what it claims to be.  Be careful when buying stones as there are many types of glass and resin used that claim to be semi- precious, mineral or coral.  Once again be careful when buying something like this - if the stones are fake then the material (silver/gold) will probably be low content or plated at best.


  • The items price is low but the postage/shipping is ridiculously high:  This practise is known as fee circumvention and sellers use this to avoid paying the commission to eBay.  Again, this is a reportable offence (link at the bottom of the listing) and should be brought to eBay's attention.


  • Always check the sellers feedback.  You can view their negatives by clicking on the period drop down box on the right side of the feedback page. Change it to 12 months and view all negatives by clicking the links above the recent comments.  You can also view the Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR's) on the right - They are marked out of 5 and can give you a more defined insight into what type of service / product you will receive.  eBay are actually defining searches based on this criteria so a seller with decent DSR's will appear higher in the search results than one with poor performance.  This is to increase buyer satisfaction and to hopefully avoid any of the above points I have mentioned.  It can be a great place to shop and you can buy excellent quality jewellery as long as you're careful and abide by the above.   

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Happy eBaying!


Paul. (silver_nomad)

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