FAKE Tanita 1479V Digital Scales

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Tanita's most popular and well known model the 1479V has been copied since 2004 and a lot of the fakes end up on Internet site like eBay

These scales look identical to the Tanita 1479V.  They have the Tanita name on the scale,  on the box and on the manual.   The easy way to tell the real and fake Tanita 1479V products apart is that the fake ones do not say "Made in Japan" on the bottom of each scale.  

The genuine 1479V only weighs in grams, some of the fakes claim to weigh in ounces too

Some of the newest fake Tanita 1479's now say "made in Japan" on the scales and they even have copied Tanita's hologram on the box.  The only way to know the difference between the real and the fake is to remove the cover.  The fake Tanita scales use a small load cell while the real Tanita scales use a large metal plate system.


If you are looking to buy Tanita scales then you probably have valuable items to weigh so buying cheap fakes will end up costing you more than you think!

DigitalScalesUK only uses established UK suppliers who buy directly from Tanita


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