FAKE UGG BOOTS try this one SURE way to spot the fake

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After buying 10 pairs of what I believed to be 'genuine UGG boots' at wholesale from an eBay seller I would urge everyone to read this as to how I found out they were fake.

I had (after purchasing) the boots read the other eBay guides to spotting the fake UGGs and found them invaluable in the advise and info they offered.

Upon further inspection of my boots I noticed when I 'parted' the fur inside and looked at 'what the fur was attached to' I found some synthetic webbing or some kind of mesh???

Alarm bells rang loud and clear and I ended my listings and followed the appropriate steps.

Most of the boots on eBay are identical to the ones I had bought, I can tell from the pictures mostly.

I write this to urge anyone thinking about buying them not to.

My point is I was conned with the wholesale boots, many more are buying these wholesale too. The problem is these people dont know or don't care they are not really genuine and are then knocking them out and making £30-£150 per pair of boots they then re sell. 

Worst of all they will then play the 'woe is me' card when you discover they are fake and claim they too never knew and that you have BOTH been had.

This is what is happening with the seller I used and a long dispute is ahead.

I hope you do find some use to my guide, please check deep into the fur for a huge tell tale sign. 

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