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I would like to share my (bad ) experience buying UGGS with you, as these boots are proving to be very popular at the moment and if I can help just one person from being ripped off by dis-honest sellers then it will be time well spent writing this guide.

I have been trying to get hold of a pair of the Classic Tall Chestnut Uggs for ages and having spent hours searching websites, my size 4 being out of stock everywhere then I checked out some of the australian  ugg websites, All very similar boots, all named Uggs and made out of sheepskin and very reasonably priced at approx £65 and free shipping, the only thing put me of buying a pair from australia is the duty payable when they get to the UK, I'm not sure how much it is but I've heard its not cheap, boots that originally cost you £65 could end up costing over £100 with the duty added on! So I decided that wasn't an option for me. As a last resort I thought I would have a look on Ebay, that was my first mistake, I apologise in advance to those honest, genuine Ebayers selling genuine Uggs, but Ebay seems to be  flooded with people selling cheap imitations, such as the ones I bought in an auction for nigh on a hundred pounds. When they eventually arrived 10 days after payment sent, I opened the box, took out my much longed for Uggs and nothing could prepare me for the dissapointment I felt, these were not the boots advertised on the listing!! At first it was the smell that hit me, it was an over-powering synthetic smell, then when I took the boots out of the box for closer inspection I realised they were FAKES, you might ask how I knew this considering I had never had a pair before, well having read all the other guides about fake uggs I knew the basic things I should be looking for, the smell of dye, the sole pattern, not to mention the sole didnt sit flat on the  floor, it curled up at the front!! and the synthetic fur inside was malting like it was going out of fashion and on closer inspection I realised this was just stuck on the inside of the boot, I could see the webbing it was atttached to, Overall the quality was very poor, I mean when I told my husband how much I had paid for them, I dont know if he knew wether to laugh or cry.

I boxed them back up and they were back in the post the same day, I am currently in dispute with seller because she's claiming not to have received them back even thought I sent them  next day special delivery signed for on the 13th march, delivered on the 14th march, signed for at her address!! So at the moment I am over £100 out of pocket because I thought I was getting a GENUINE BARGAIN.

I have since purchased a genuine pair of Deckers Uggs and have then on my feet as I speak, there is no comparison, they cost me £170 and they are the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever had, the sheepskin is soo soft and the fur is NOT maulting, one thing that has struck me as a big difference between the pair of fakes and the genuine ones is the colour and texture of the fur, the fur in the fake ones being whiter and softer, the fur in the genuine ones is creamier and more of a wool texture and it feels more cushiony, the sole is more flexible on a genuine decker ugg boot not hard and rigid. The overall quality of a genuine boot is far superior to that of a cheap imitation.

I would just like to remind those of you looking for genuine Uggs, there arent any bargains to be had, these boots are sold out in most shops and RRP on these boots is approx £160, so dont be taken in by bargain boots, winter bargains and such like and those sellers that have lots of these boots!! The high street shops are out of stock, so ask yourself where these buyers are getting their stock. Before you bid, ask lots of questions about the authenticity of the boots. If in doubt or think a price is too good to be true then it probably is.

I wouldn't swap my Deckers Uggs for anything, I think you definately get what you pay for in this instance.

Check out the other guides regarding fake Uggs, they have picture's too.


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