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I've been a member of ebay for a while now (about 2 years i think) and i've been collecting yu-gi-oh cards for over a year of this time, plus i dueled online and in reality. i'm starting to see more and more fakes being sold on ebay recently. some cards can go for quite a lot of money and if you end up with a fake getting a refund can be difficult plus even if you pay with paypal to get your money back you have to prove the cards are indeed fakes, and lets face it unlike antiques where can you find someone renowned in the field of yu-gi-oh cards to prove they are fakes.


anyway heres my best advice for buying cards on ebay

1. read any listing thoroughly. if it doesn't say 100% genuine konami card then contact the seller and ask.

2. read the sellers feedback. most people on ebay will leave a buyer or seller feedback and this is a good guide to go by. some people do leave unfair negative feedback but they are few and far between, so just be wary of someone with more than a few negatives.

3. check to see if they do refunds. all reputable ebayers will have no problem with this due to the fact they're confident in their products and services.

4. if you're still not sure then don't bid. sometimes a card can be going very cheap and with no bids because other people have looked and realised its not worth the money (tho not always the case i've bagged a few bargains by picking up on cards others have missed!).

5. go with a reputable yu-gi-oh seller. 1 of my absolute fave sellers is yugioh home tho he only sells japanese cards. but i can't rate him highly enough. boyztoyzandcards  is another great seller and he's in the uk. i could name many more but i'm not getting paid to advertise anyone :D

6. look at the pictures included and ask, if it doesn't state so if the picture is of the actual card you will be receiving. thats how i've spotted fakes mostly. they don't look the same as real cards and at times the names differ from the english versions. (if its an english versions you're buying, japanese cards do have different names sometimes anyway).

i have a fake dark magician of chaos, very hard to get card that goes for over £15 usually. i got this for free from 1 of the kids who stays near me, and its a good fake but still obvious its not real. the card looks poor quality, and konami do not make poor quality cards.this card should be a reddy kind of colour as its an effect monster and its not its a light very pale kinda brown. more like a non effect monster. as far as i know you can only get these cards in invasion of chaos. so the numbers under the picture should read IOC-065 but ours read 307-010.  which i've just been told is the number for the japanese version of this card, but its in english not japanese. another give away is the stars and the cards attribute is shiny, only found on ultimate rares again the english version is an ultra rare, which is gold writing and shiny picture. it does take a bit of experience to tell the difference but thankfully most fakes are pretty obvious.

thanks for reading this guide and hopefully you'll never buy a fake from ebay.

please rate this guide once you've read it, let me know if it was of any use or if it needs improvement. thanks

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