FAKE ebay Member cb8072(private)

Like if this guide is helpful

There is a member who is a fake, they have copied someone elses ID and have come on ebay for the purpose of Abusing peroples accounts.

This member will bid on your items or offer you a price, even on items for charity!!!! They will bid or click to buy and then they dont pay up, they dont reply to your questions,

but then leave you negative, and nasty feedback.

I am asking support from you the public which if you have been unfortunate to have dealings with this person, you have my sympothies.

This member should be removed from facebook, if you agree to this and agree that ebay should not allow these people or person to continue, click that you found this usefull.

I am sure if the person who is doing this will report this as abuse im sure but if ebay wont do anything then this is what im doing as its bloody unfair!


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