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I have been buying from ebay for a while now and have become fed up with people bidding up their own auctions. If sellers want to achieve a high price for their item they should list with a 'buy-it-now' price. Shill bidding is unfair and not the way ebay should be. Unfortunately it seems to be happening all the time. There are many honest sellers trading on ebay and it is a great place to buy from. Alas their are those who get greedy and either get their friends to bid up their auctions or create other ids. If you get suspicous about a seller, go to advanced search by seller, check the box saying completed listings. This will show everything the seller has sold in the past 30 days. Click on a sold item and go to bid history. If you see the same ids bidding regulary on the seller's items, then there is a good chance the seller is bidding up their own auctions. I have seen the same id bidding on everything from curling tongs to dressing tables and even a car, all from the same seller. I bid on something recently, fully aware I was being bid up, so i stopped bidding and waited for the second chance offer to arrive. Sure enough it came two days later . I declined and the seller left themselves feedback and relisted the item, even though the feedback said the item was quickly collected. OUTRAGEOUS!!! It does pay to check the seller out before bidding.
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