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OH FEEDBACK!!!!! The worry of getting bad feedback, I think is at times making everybody not tell it straight to the point...

Only this morning I received a threatening email from a guy who had purchased a £1.99 item off of me about 10 days ago, telling me to leave him positive feedback for quick payment within the next 5 days or he WOULD give me negative feedback. No mention was made about the purchase, that he had received it, or that it was wrapped well, or that it was posted that same day!!!!!! NO just that I hadn't left him feedback for paying quick.

Reading all nine pages of this guys feedback I have come to understand that this is the norm for him and so it goes!!!! I NOW HAVE NEG FEEDBACK for no fault of my own other than I will not tolerate bullies...... and nor should you. Thats the whole point of feedback isn't it????

So I think that we should all start to stand up to these sellers/buyers who DEMAND feedback and threaten us with BAD FEEDBACK if they dont get what they want when they want..... some of us have other things in life as well as ebay, although todays mail has made me take time to write my review... SO COME ON GUYS BE HONEST AND IF YOU ARE BEGIN BULLIED OWN UP WITH NEG FEEDBACK, I think most of us can tell if you are a bad ebayer or not, so one or two won't hurt. AND DONT FORGET TO REPORT THESE PEOPLE, THEY SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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