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Hello my name is Dean and i thought id right a guide on feedback.

Feedback on ebay is a very debated subject you only have to go over to the Q&A board to find many threads about this issue.

Ebay have changed the rules for sellers so that we can no longer leave negative or netural feedback, this can cause problems for sellers as in the cases of non paying bidders we can open up an item not paid dispute and issue a strike but cannot now warn other sellers by leaving negative feedback, unfortunately other sellers cannot tell if the buyer has had disputes against them, the only way we could tell if they did not pay was by feedback, maybe if ebay put up on the feedback page the amount of NPB disputes against a buyer it might give sellers a bit of an idea of who they may be dealing with. 

As sellers we can block people with a certain amount of strikes against them in a period of time but this is not going to help all sellers as a buyer can buy lots of items not pay and it takes quite a while for the whole NPB dispute to go through you have to wait 7 days before you can file a dispute then a further 8 until you can close it, in this time the buyer can keep buying many more items and the seller blocks wont help.

The whole issue of "who leaves feedback first" is another debated subject and it is totally up to the buyer or seller when they leave feedback or weather they leave it at all.

I as a buyer always leave feedback first so the seller knows i have received my item and am happy, if i have any problems with the transaction i will always contact the seller FIRST to give them a chance to rectify any problems i would NEVER just leave a neg or netural without contact first that is very bad ebay etiquette.

Also i would only leave negative or netural feedback as a last resort, after contacting the seller if they are rude and do not help with the problem then depending on what the problem was then a bad feedback would be left.On the other hand if i had a problem and the seller was helpful and sorted out the issue then they would without doubt get a positive feedback.

Some buyers are jumping straight for the neg or netural buttons without contacting the seller first, they must lie as a pop up box comes up asking if they have contacted the seller first, they tick yes and leave bad feedback, when maybe the issue could have been resolved if they HAD infact contacted the seller.All the neturals i have been given the buyer has NEVER contacted me first giving me a chance to resolve any issues that is very bad ebaying.

As a seller i leave feedback either when a buyer has let me no they have recieved there item and they are happy or after the buyer has left feedback.

Alot of buyers think the end of the transaction is when they have paid, but things can go wrong after this, the item may get lost in the post, or get damadged, the buyer may claim an item not received when they have actually got the item, im not saying all buyers do this but it is not un-heard of , the buyer may contact the seller the day after paying being very rude and demanding to no where there item is and threaten negative feedback.

Therefore if a seller left glowing feedback upon receipt of payment it may turn out to be not an accurate account of the buyer, sellers cannot leave negs or neturals any more so the buyers dont have to worry that they will loose there 100% positive feedback in tit for tat feedback.

The end of the whole transaction is when the buyer has recieved the item and is happy, then feedback can be left by both parties.

I think alot of feedback issues could be avoided or resolved if only buyers and sellers COMMUNICATED with each other, so please if you are a buyer and your about to hit the neg or netural button without contacting your seller first, please think twice and give your seller a chance they may just surprise you and be very helpful and get your issue sorted out to your satisfaction so your happy and dont need to leave bad feedback.

Also for sellers by communicating with your buyers if they do have any problems no matter how small and being helpful and friendly you just might avoid that big RED DOT lol.

I hope this guide may have been of use to you,

Happy ebaying from deano.

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