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This is just a quick guide to raise a very important issue - which i hope contains some helpful information (Please click YES at the bottom of the page if you do find it helpful).

The basis of the feedback system is to provide buyers and sellers with a fair and true view of a buyer / seller's performance on eBay. It helps buyers in particular decide whether to purchase from a particular seller or not.

However, this indication may no longer be helpful. Whilst idly searching the web, i came accross a company, which caters for eBay's crooks. There is a company, that actually creates and sells accounts to people who have previously been banned on eBay! I couldn't believe my eyes!

The company charges for this service, and sets people (most of which have previous account suspensions) up with new accounts. One of their services is to provide feedback on that account. You can also pay extra for an older account. These two factors help most buyers determine the legitimacy of a seller, yet sellers can now purchase this using PayPal, straight off the internet!

As a long term seller on eBay, i find it quite outrageous that people long term hard work and success can be bought by a simple click of a button. However, an even more problematic issue is that buyers who think they are buying from a 1,000+ UK seller who has been registered for 3 years, could actually be buying from an ex-crook of ebay!

The company offers many other services, all of which are aimed at getting previous sellers who have been banned on eBay, back on there, to start selling. According to the site, eBay lost a case against them, as they had done nothing illegal.

I'm sure most readers will agree with me the serious problem sites like this create, especially if they're actually allowed, and eBay can do nothing to stop them!

This is the part where you'd look for a solution to the above mentioned problem.Unfortunately, i just don't have one. Just like everyone else, i look at the feedback score and date of registration as a key factor when purchasing.

All i can suggest is perhaps to thoroughly read all comments on their profile, ask questions if you're not in a rush, and always use PayPal (preferably when there's a buyer protection scheme available on the listing). MOST IMPORTANT, DON'T RUSH - TAKE YOUR TIME AND STUDY THE SELLER AND LISTING.


Hope you've found this guide interesting and helpful. Please click 'YES' at the bottom if you did so.

If there's anything vital you think i've missed out, i'd be glad to edit the guide, so just drop me a line.

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