FIFA 15 - Showing EA the LOVE. Buy FUT Coins without Banned!

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There are many FIFA 15 Coins stores in Ebay and why make us outstanding? Here are the answers you are looking for! try vbgamecoins

1. 24/7 Customer Service and Instant Delivery

I hope you didn't experienced a 12 hours wait when you bought the coins from the Chinese company, they don't even answer your questions though! try vbgamecoins

2. Not getting banned

Everyone wanna know how to buy coins without getting banned, Vbarrack will tell you how to avoid the banning! try vbgamecoins

3. Affordable price and Reliable

You will never go to the other store once you have used our service. try vbgamecoins

4. 99.8% Feedback Score

The best you can get from all the FIFA Coins seller! try vbgamecoins

5. Have fun in the game!

Start gear up your team by buying fifa 15 coins from us :) try vbgamecoins

“If you insist on buying coins you might get banned from the game.” That is what EA said last few months after FIFA 15 official release. try vbgamecoins


So to recap, EA laid out their attack plan for anyone engaging in coins buying and selling. For anyone buying or promoting there is a 3 strike system:

1. A warning email and in game message.
2. Your club is reset, but you retain access to it and any FIFA points spent on the account are returned.
3. Permanent ban from FIFA online.


While for coin sellers and farmers, the account would immediately receive a “straight red”, an online ban from all EA games. try vbgamecoins

That is to say, it is safe to buy coins even EA new rules have came out for a few months. If not coins, we can barely do everything, like build a strong team, earn money and make fun. try vbgamecoins

 So how to buy FIFA 15 coins safely and instantly from a coins website? Here are some useful tips. try vbgamecoins
1. Register different Original Accounts. It means you have more chances to transfer your coins from an account being warned.
2. Buy FIFA 15 coins with different accounts. That is safe to transfer your coins to different account as friends.
3. Buy coins with a reasonable amount per deal from one coins website only or the website you buy from usually, like VBarrack. If you unfortunately bought coins from a website that get their coins from illegal resources, you will be more dangerous. Or, the more coins websites you purchased, the more risk you will get. Since you traded from different strangers. try vbgamecoins
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