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Our nails say a lot about us. The general condition directly reflects our health and an important part of our bodies make-up. Our personalities are reflected through our nails, well cared for nails or unkempt, motor mechanic, chef, etc., What do they say about you. Many myths surrounds our nails perhaps the most prevalent, nails need to breath. Your nails do not breath they respire and like the rest of our body need oxygen, the nail receives oxygen from our blood as its continuous flow of blood and nutrients, feed our nails to keep them in a healthy condition. The nails produces by-products, waste in the form of toxins and oil. Nails are made up of skin a type of protein call keratin. Keratin also makes up our hair, nails should be treated with the same respect as hair. In adults our finger nails grow about 3mm per month and our toes nails half that. Generally toe nails will grow twice as thick. It takes 5-6 months for a fingernail to grow from the matrix to the free edge. The matrix is not visible to the naked eye. Nails grow more quickly in the summer than winter, quicker in the young and the longer more slender fingers tend to produce faster growth. Middle fingers are usually the fastest for growth and thumb nails grow the slowest. Drugs, alcohol, poor diet, hormonal disorders, damage to the matrix anaemia (iron deficiency) can all affect the health, condition and growth of our nails. Massaging oils and creams help to condition the nails and simulate blood flow which improves the nails appearance. Improving the appearance of your nails will lift spirits and bolster confidence.

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