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This Is A Very Useful Guide For Saving Lives If You Look At The SAFETY FACTORS.


REMEMBER THE FIREWORK CODE.:-If You Plan To Use FIREWORKS Make Sure Your Bonfire Night Is Burn Free By Following The "FIREWORKS SAFETY CODE"The Code Also Applies To SPARKLERS Which Are Seen As A Potential Hazard.

Only Buy Fireworks Marked BS7114.

Always Follow The Instructions On Each Individual FIREWORK.

Light Fireworks At Arm's Length Using A Taper.

Once Lit,Stand Well Back.

Never Go Back To A Lit Firework.

Never Put Fireworks In Your Pocket.

Never Throw Fireworks.

Store Fireworks In A Closed Box In A Dry Cool Place.

Keep SPARKLERS In Safe Hands.They Can Get Up To SIX TIMES As Hot As Hot As A Pan Of Cooking Oil.

Light Sparklers One A Time And Always Wear Gloves.

Supervise Children Using Sparklers And Ensure They Are Wearing Gloves.

Never Give Sparklers To Children Under FIVE.

Never Hold A Baby Or A Child If You Have A Sparkler In Your Hand.

Plunge Finished Sparklers Hot End Down Into A Bucket Of Water As Soon As They Have Burnt Out As They Can Stay HOT For A Long Time.


Hope This Is Of Use To Just Not BONFIRE NIGHT,As Fireworks Are Now Used For Birthday's,New Years Day.Etc.Always Remember Better To Be SAFE Than SORRY.

Thanks For Looking.I Know This Is A Very Useful Guide.

BECAUSE I Have A Guide ON THE SAFETY OF RAILWAYS.Two Lads In Liverpool  Are Now Dead And Gone Because They Climbed Electrical Pylons.If They Would Have Read My Guide They Would Still Be Us.

So If This Guide Saves Lifes Please Give Me A YES  Vote?

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