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Hello to all who may read this and hopefully it will give you confidence when buying a football shirt of your desire.  Like many I am sick and tired of seeing so many fake football shirts on ebay. Thankfully there are quite a few of these guides that have been written by others to help and assist. 

This is not so much a guide but more of a reccomendation for an Ebay seller with whom I have dealt with and wish to acknowledge his service over and above what I could leave in his "Feedback" of the sale. 

When I purchased a recent football shirt I was 100% satisfied with the outcome however not all as straight forward as it seemed.

Scenario:  Bought and sent monies for the shirt, received confirmation of receipt of monies and then confirmation of the shirt being sent.  About a week passed and nothing was received so contacted the seller who agreed a suitable timeframe to wait and not only fully refunded the monies, but has since sent a Brand New replacement shirt to cover the original missing one.

This ebay seller offers a great service to which anyone purchasing from him will not be dissapointed. He provides 1st class communications and his after sales service is outstanding.  So if you wish to purchase with confidence from a 100% unreservedly reccomended seller then you cannot go far wrong than to deal with Ebayer Seller: ramsay7448  from Glasgow 




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