FORD blue smoke on acceleration, noisy tappets and big ends

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Henry Ford did an amazing thing. There were actually hundreds of other people making cars at
the same time in the USA and even the UK. Names we hear today in reverent terms: Hudson,
Pontiac, Mr Rolls and Mr Royce, The Swallow Sidecar (SS) Company which became the
Jaguar SS brand and then dropped the SS due to unwanted war time connotations with
Germany. But back to the amazing Henry Ford. The simple yet amazing thing was the
production line to bring down costs. His competitors were hand building cars and each worker
built one car from front to back. Henry put each worker in charge of a section of the
production line: wheels, tyres, engine assembly, engine installation etc so that Henry could
build twice as many cars as his nearest rival. During the 2nd War (WW2) he did the same thing
for airplanes and boats and out built his nearest rivals. I have owned many Fords, mainly F150
trucks and and E150 and E250 vans in the USA and they were always very reliable engines and
drivetrains but I did find that door handles and window winders would find a way to come loose
on Nebraskas rattly washboard roads. If only you could put a Ford powertrain inside a Jaguar
body with Italian design and luxury leather, and German build quality... what are you saying they
did this already? Have I been asleep at the wheel? Of course the new MINI, the baby Jag
X-type and S-type under Ford BMW and now TATA India stewardship? Amazing !
Anyway as with all things engines find a way to self destruct and here a few stories that we
have been involved with, using chemical repairs to fix expensive mechanical and MOT related
problems, simply by using Ametech Restore products off the warehouse shelf:

Ford Mondeo 2 litre diesel, 1999, 1983 Kawasaki Gpz 550, Honda VFR 750 FL and Honda
VFR 800 A4 Vtec motor bikes, Fiat Seicento Sporting, Vauxhall Omega MV6, MG ZTT Diesel -
Hello, Just reading through your latest newsletter and thought it was about time I added my
comments about your products on the site. I am not sure just how long I first started using
engine restore but it has to be getting on towards 10 years now. The first time I used it was on
a 1999 Ford Mondeo 2 Ltr. The car had almost 150.000 miles on it and wasn't the smoothest
engine in the world. I changed the oil and added the engine restore thinking it was just another
gimmick additive but was worth a try. What can I say, I have been a fan ever since. Well within
the first 250 miles the engine was totally transformed. Smooth, Powerful and more
economical. I couldn't believe the difference so I brought some more for my 1983 Kawasaki
Gpz 550. This sounded like a bag of spanners, smoked badly on start up and was a pig to
start at the best of times. Again, I was amazed. Within 100 miles the bike started to sound
quieter, within 200 miles was starting way better and within 500 miles was smoke free on start
up and started first touch of the button.
Ok, now over the years I have used Engine Restore in my many vehicles I have owned. From
a Honda VFR 750 FL and Honda VFR 800 A4 Vtec, to many cars from a Fiat Seicento
Sporting, Mondeo diesel, Vauxhall Omega MV6, MG ZTT Diesel, in fact everything from small
hatchbacks to big estates and vans both petrol and diesel. I can honestly say I have never been
disappointed with the results. In fact now one of the first things I do when I change my vehicle,
which is quite often as you may have noticed, lol, is to change the oil and add Engine restore.
This product is one of the wonders of modern technology, I know it won't perform miracles but
it's not far short. From my experience it always produces amazing results. What more can be
said. To those considering the product, buy some, you won't be unhappy, I never have been. IT
WORKS, simple, worth every penny.
Thanks Ros & Dave, the best bit is how much I have saved on fuel, yes, I have averaged a
10% improvement in consumption in everything I have used this in, without exception. Just
changed my car yet again, this time an Almera Tino 2.2 Diesel, so will be ordering my engine
restore when I get paid at the end of the month. Thanks for providing such an amazing
product. Best regards, Keith Johnson, Scarborough - 15 November 2012

Ford Sierra Cosworth - I recently purchased Ametech Engine Restore. I added it to my Sierra
Cosworth engine, with excellent results at only 500 miles... my question is at the next oil
change, how much Engine Restore should I use..its a 2.0 litre engine? Many thanks...Mick - 6
June 2011 (Editor's note: Just one 250ml can should be sufficient at the next oil change.)
Ford V8, Hudson 1954 and Vauxhall Corsa - used this on three engines and its worked on all
of them. I put it in my '54 Hudson - instant results. My son's  took a bit longer (still can't believe
I quietened that down) and lastly my Ford V8 had good oil pressure but was just noisy. One
litre later and "bingo" instant quiet. I had tried thicker oil, that didn't work really, so there you are,
I'm sold on this stuff. I hate noisy engines. Thanks a lot, Barry Shaw - 31 January 2011

Ford Probe, 1995, 110,000 miles - Dear njin-life, done over a 1000 miles had noisy tappets
now its gone engine smooth as they come. thanks - topman1969 (eBay ID) - 1 October 2008
Ford Probe 2.0l 16v, 155k, 1996 - Dear njin-life, Used engine restore as described and I've now
done 2000+ miles. The "death rattle" dissapeared within 50 miles and you can now barely hear
the motor. This is the only additive I've ever used that does what it says on the tin, I will be
buying more very shortly. Superb - stinkwheel400 (eBay ID) - 29 September 2008

Ford Probe 16V 1994, 42K miles, electric current red with full service history and receipts -
Dear njin-life, Just to let you know I have now completed 500 miles, and all I can say is this
product is amazing. The compression on my 1994 Ford Probe 16v, just gets better and better,
it's like having as new car. Like most people I was dubious of the claims, but I am now
converted, and I am telling friends and work colleagues to go and buy some. I had my car
MOT'd last month, and in the next day or so I am having it retested on emissions, I will let you
know the results. With this in mind I have today purchased the stop leak and injector cleaner,
well I couldn't do half a job, could I? Feel free to add this to your testimonials on the product.
Best Regards Mick Richardson- Morecambe Lancashire - mickaudi80 - 19 August 2008 (Mick
wins a copy of Great British Classic Cars [issue 1, Sports Car Special - available exclusively
from WH Smith] for his testimonial.)
ukprobe forum
Follow up to the above from the Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 7:46 pm. Post subject: Ametech
This is an Oil Additive that amazingly works, I have used this in my probe and I now have no
blue smoke, no lack of compression and it has halved my emissions which were checked last
month for the MOT. It is available from ebay for £20.69 with free postage. I have just filled up
after the last fill up had done 345 miles now I am getting 396 off a tank, so I am well impressed.
Anyone else tried it? Mick
Posted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 4:48 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
I have just had my emissions retested and the results are as follows
CO        0.14      0.011%   vol
HC        16ppm  12ppm
CO2      16.98     12.68%   vol
The CO is not a mistype it has dropped to a superclean 0.011%vol, so I guess this stuff really
does exactly what it says on the tin, Mick

Ford 8210 Tractor
Hi Ros. I am sending you a picture of me and my Ford 8210 as requested. I haven’t done many
hours since the Ametech treatment was added, but even so there is a marked reduction in
vapour from the breather and blue smoke. Also the flickering oil light has gone out, which I
think is aided by the engine rpm going up by about 100rpm.
Regards, Simon Smith, Agricultural Contractor  - 21 April 2008

Ford Mondeo TDDI, 2001 - Hi, just to let you know that although I haven't done 1000 miles yet
I'm impressed - it actually makes a difference. I put the restore into my 2001 Mondeo tddi, prior
to application the engine was very noisy even for a ford and pushed a lot of smoke out on start
up and heavy acceleration. After only 300 miles the engine was quieter and the smoke
reduced, now at 580 miles after application the smoke has gone - my mechanic asked me
what I'd done do it. As a bonus I now get an extra 2mpg (urban), not a lot I know but its more
than before!! In future I'll put this in every car I get whether it needs it or not!! Thanks, Andy,
Lincolnshire - 25 March 2008

Ford Probe, 109,000 miles - Hi, my Ford Probe had a problem when starting first thing. It
pumped out blue smoke for the first few mins, then it would clear. The engine had covered
109000 miles and looked as if it was neglected of services. After adding a stop smoke additive
that made no difference whatsoever, I was going to count my losses and get rid of the car. I
then stumbled across the Ametech website by luck and thought “Oh yeah! Just another
company promising miracles to make a quick pound or two”. How wrong I was..... After putting
an order through sales (quite late in the day), I emailed Ametech and asked if they could send it
extra fast, as I was going to be away after the next day. They were fantastic. They mailed me
straight back to tell me it was on its way and to expect it the next day. The following morning
Mr Postman knocked with my parcel… now that's what I call a quick service (well done
Ametech… outstanding customer service). Anyway, it went straight in the engine and every
morning when I started the car, I noticed the smoke getting less and less, and now you can
hardly notice any smoke at all! Well I had my doubts, if I'm honest, but I was proved wrong and
this product really does work. I'm so impressed by the customer service, and the product of
course, that I now recommend it to anyone and everyone. Keep up the great work Ametech
and you’re sure to be a winner. Thanks so much, Regards Martin - 25 October 2007

Ford Transit 190, 1996, 240,000 miles - Hi David, Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you
know how I got on with your oil. I bought a 1996 Transit 190 with a "banana" manifold engine
last year to see if it was a suitable way to transport a disabled wife with a large wheelchair, a
disabled daughter and three grandchildren with all their associated clutter! I didn't want to spend
a lot, as I wasn't sure that it would work, so the van I ended up with had the best part of
240,000 on the clock, was a bit noisy and could never be described as fast but it felt as if it
would have driven to the moon and back, albeit at about 58-60 mph!
I decided to take the whole family to France this year and so had the van serviced by a friend
before we went. I had read about your product on ebay whilst looking for some other parts and
decided "What the Hell - Give it a go". It was duly put in the engine at the service and I thought
that it may do some good, you never know! The van had passed its MOT just a couple of
weeks before this and although it smoked a bit, it passed with flying colours.
On the first day, we drove to Dover and then from Boulogne to Rouen, a total of about 400
miles. The second day, we drove another 400 miles to get to the house we had rented and I
didn't give your oil a thought........until about 50 miles from destination. Here, there is a large hill
that is quite steep that just goes on and on and on, and has some nasty curves in it too. As we
approached, I thought we would be down to third gear at best and struggling by the top - but we
just sailed up in fifth! I also realised that, without thinking, we had been cruising at just about
70mph for the last hour or two, a speed that the van just wouldn't do a couple of days earlier.
All this was being accomplished with a van that was loaded virtually to the roof!
As well as the increase in top speed and acceleration, there was a reduction in engine noise
and we also used less fuel than we had been previously when there was no load in the van!
The only thing that doesn't seem to have changed is the amount of smoke that it gives off - but
as it passed it's MOT like that, maybe I was expecting too much on that front. Whatever, the
difference is quite impressive, to the extent that we were going to sell the van after the holiday
and buy a newer one but we've decided to keep this one for another year now as it's going so
well. Thank you, and I feel that you are more than permitted to state that "It does exactly what it
says on the tin (or advert)"! Best wishes, Len Casson - 26 September 2007

Ford Escort RS Turbo - Hi, I'm back again. the first two I purchased were for a Escort turbo
diesel I just bought. The turbo sounded like a Dyson @ 2000 rpm. After 1000 miles it has nearly
gone completely. This stuff is great. This time its for a tired Briggs engine on a ride on mower.
Leygh - 12 September 2007

Ford Transit truck - This stuff is the biz. After 50 miles it's still the same blue smoke... "Here we
go" I said to myself, but only 130 miles later the smoke's gone. Power not much different, but
I've a Transit truck - they are flat anyway. All in all, I must give your product 10/10 for the job I
got it for and thank you for a first class service. I know I got it for next to nothing, but I'll pay the
Buy It Now prices in future. Thanks again, Kenn (eBay customer) - 30 August 2007

Ford Transit - Hi, I bought the engine restore oil from you some weeks ago. My Ford Transit
has done 272 miles since using your oil, no more black smoke and is running like new. I now
believe in your product and will be buying off you again. I have told a local motor factor and he
has asked me for your info. I will pass this on for you. regards Dave -19 July 2007

Ford Mondeo 1.8 TD - Hi Ros, I’ve used Engine Restore in 3 vehicles and achieved fine results
in each. The first being my old faithful 1.8TD Ford Mondeo which has done 146,000 miles. I
noticed an overall improvement after a fortnight with everything just seeming to be tighter and
the usual smoky start being almost non-existent. The 2nd vehicle was my 25 year old Hyster
H-60 Fork lift which also showed a sharp increase in performance over a number of weeks.
Last but not least is my Mother’s Honda sit-on Mower which I added a small amount too whilst
doing an oil and filter change, This helped greatly the usual problem of “running-hot” and also
the age-old problem of sluggishness when mowing through heavy grass etc. Many thanks
from a very satisfied customer. Terry Lake - 11 July 2007

Ford Explorer Sport 1992 with 4.0 V6 - I have used your product in most of my older vehicles. I
always recommend it to my friends who drive older vehicles. I recently bought a 1992 Ford
Explorer Sport with 4.0 V6. It needed alot of work and ran rough. I put your product in and
within a week I really felt that your product helped my engine smooth out and give it some of its
performance back. I also did the repairs needed to be done; your product lived up to its claims.
My truck has almost 200,000 miles on it and runs great - I know your product is responsible
for it strong engine performance. I am a satisfied customer. Jeremy Sandow, UK - Friday 16
March 2007
So if you have a Ford that is afraid to go for its' MOT just give us a call and let us find a
chemical cure for any blue smoke related problems.

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