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There are hundreds of sales every week on eBay of an item titled something similar to "Earn Money Just By Having Your PC Switched On" - I actually bought one of these myself once upon a time - before you do the same, please let me tell you about the TRUTH of this item as you will never, EVER receive one penny from this - I absolutely guarantee you that.


The theory is that there are new search engines that have come out that want to be as big as Google and Yahoo but cannot as everyone is too used to using these. You are then told that to get people to look at their sites, these new search engines are PAYING people EVERY time they use them to entice them away from Google etc..

Now, when you buy these items off eBay you are given software that you configurate to your own settings, this software is called Test33 and runs in conjunction with a site called This software AUTOMATICALLY clicks the pages of search engines who pay you to do so for you so, as long as your computer is connected to the internet, you are supposedly earning money through the ppcappraisal site. You're not.


In truth, there is absolutely no way that you will EVER get a penny of the money from ppcappraisal, even though you can see your supposed totals rising with every minute. (Incidentally, if you have ever contemplated buying one of these items, you may have seen sellers' feedback from previous buyers stating that it works - these people are going off the fact that their ppcappraisal site shows their totals rising - what the site shows you are earning and what you get are 2 totally different beasts - this throws buyers off track and when they see their totals rising they go and leave the feedback saying that it works, even though they have most definitely NOT received a payment - and never will).

First of all, each SITE of each search engine has to reach a minimum payout total of £75 (oh and the payments are shown in US Dollars, not Pound Sterling, so 1.00 credit is actually about 55p) before they pay out - each click's payout is no more than HUNDREDTH of a PENNY and with up to 600 sites from which to click (chosen at random by the software), each with thousands of pages, you stand NO CHANCE of EVER reaching this total so much as ONCE, even if your computer were left on for a whole year.

ALSO! Ppcappraisal have changed their rules, something that the sellers of this information NEVER tell you - you are only allowed to have so many clicks per day to stop people from using Test33 software and potentially making them pay out (not that they ever would...), in fact they have now made using the software illegal and can prosecute you for using it - they also close accounts down who are running automatic click software and any money that you had showing would never be given to you following them doing so. To click manually likewise is not worth it as you still have to reach £75 for each site - impossible with you only allowed so many clicks per day.

Aside from the cost of the auction and the time it takes you to set up and configurate the software, the amount of electricity you use up by leaving your computer on for this fraudulent and imaginary purpose far outweighs anything you will EVER receive from this scheme. There have even been reports of the ppcappraisal company having folded but the site left up for them to earn from the search engines who pay them to supposedly pay their members.


Payouts will never happen and it would be far quicker for you to go to your nearest bin and throw away the money you would have spent on these auctions, as the outcome is sadly exactly the same.

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