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Are they safe?

Do they work?


This Guide is About Free Eyelash Glues

If you're looking to buy false eyelashes that come with free glues, then you should always make sure that you're getting a product that's safe and actually works!


Be Aware of the Potential Health Risks or Concerns...

You could be getting more than you bargained for with the glues as some ingredients and products in cosmetics from the Far East may not be made to conform to the strict safety standards that we have to protect the consumer, here in the Western world.  Some of the glues/ingredients may cause painful eye and skin irritations.


Some glue formulas have a very strong sticking action and are extremely hard to remove from your skin!


How You Can Protect Your Eye Health...


Ask your seller if the glue and its ingredients are guaranteed to be totally safe and non-toxic.

Ask the seller if the ingredients and the product has been tested  in the European Union

Ask them to tell you what the ingredients are so that you can go and look them up for yourself on the internet.

Test the product on the back of your hand  and wait 24 hours before before you attempt to put it anywhere near your delicate eye area. See how it reacts with your skin. 

Sniff the glue - even the best eyelash glues have a slight "fishy" smell to them - that's quite normal.  However, many of these cheap, free glues smell really strongly of ammonia  or stale urine....that's "wee" to you and me!  It's quite overpowering and the glue is likely to make your eyes sting - not a good idea!


Do They Work?

Soem of the glues don't work very well, if it all and if you want to dress to impress with your lashes, you might be disappointed!

Some of the glues just don't have the staying power and crumble into a rubbery mess in minutes. 

Others are far too sticky and you could find it's going to take an  eyelash adhesive remover to take off the lashes and the glue!

Ask your seller if the glue comes off easily with a damp cotton wool pad - or does it need a special product to remove it properly


Your eyesight is precious - never risk it by using products that you're not sure of.



At the end of the day, make sure you ask lots of questions -  and always remember this with all your eBaying - just because it's being sold on eBay, doesn't mean it's safe!

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