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I just wanted to let everyone know how to get a free mamas and papas luna bumper bar...You have to ring the mamas and papas helpline and COMPLAIN that you feel that your child is unsafe in the pram due to the straps (Before i got my free bumper, I always felt on edge, Like my daughter was going to fall. Obviously she wasnt but its just those motherly insticts again lol) Anyway, If you just ring and say you are after a bumper and dont complain they try and charge you (There not stupid) but i you complain they send you one out immediatly, no questions asked, No proof of purchace either!!


So i hope i have helped you (Because people have clicked on to this and are selling them on here for ridiclous prices!) So the key is to complain, Just say you arent confident in the straps and also when you go up and down kerbs your child lunges forawrd (That was a big problem for me)


So get complaining and get your free bumper :)



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