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- Please note this covers the PLAYSTATION 3 ONLY!

Psyche gauge taken a big hit? Simply hammer the X button to replenish it.

If you set the date on your PS3 so it's either a Wednesday or a Sunday, Drebins prices will be lower.

Enter 14893 in Octacons' offive at Shadow Moses to get 100,000 Drebin Points.

While fighting the human (ie supermodel) second form of any member of Beauty And The Beast Unit, keep them at bay for three minutes. Do this to be transported to a blank world where your adversary will pose while you take photographs!


The track Beyond The Bounds increases Snake's Stun damage with non-lethal weaponry. Find it by restoring the power to the Shadow Moses Tank Hangar and explore all rooms on the upper gantry.

The track opening: Old L.A 2040 increases Snake's accuracy. Find it by inputting code 78925 into the computer in Otacon's office at Shadow Moses.

The track Policenaughts Ending causes soldiers to fall asleep as soon as Snake touches them. Find it by inputting the code 13462 into the computer in Octacon's office at Shadow Moses.

The track Sailor increases the amount of life Snake recovers from rations and other items. Find it between the east wall and a shipping container at the South American Vista Mansion.


SOLAR GUN to get this solar-powered ray gun, collect five statues - four of the B&B Unit beauties and the fifth of the Haven Trooper (they appear after you defeat each enemy using the tranq gun). Their locations are:

HAVEN TROOPER STATUE - In the garage at the end of the battle

LAUGHING OCTOPUS STATUE - On a bed in the lab where you fight her

RAGING RAVEN STATUE - On the uppermost floor of the tower

CRYING WOLF STATUE - Inside building near the start of of the boss battle

SCREAMING MANTIS STAUE - In the corridoor where you started the boss battle

THE TANEGASHIMA - To buy this ancient looking rifle, which creates deadly tornadoes, 'simply' save up 1,000,000 Drebin Points!!

EMOTION AMMO - Make your enemies rage, cry, scream or laugh with very special tranquilliser ammo. The price? Just finishing MGS4 once.



Save and head to Extras in the main menu. Enter the following passwords then start a new game. The unlocked items will be waiting with the Metal Gear Mk.II

aottrykmyn - Unlocks the Altair costume from Assassin's Creed.

dntkkhktmm - Unlocks the Drebin face camo.

jmsotsynrn - Unlocks the Type 17 pistol.

mekakorkkk - Unlocks the SOCOM pistol from MGS.

mnsoymsyhn - Unlocks the Mosin Nagant sniper rifle.

1aytmmymhk - Unlocks the 1911 pistol.

pkhhnwhsjt - Unlocks the Boss' Patriot gun.

skynytktjp - Unlocks the Scanning Plug (hacks enemy nanomachine network to reveal their locations through walls).

deskyhstyl - Unlocks the Desert Eagle Long Barrel Pistol.

tshsniammr - Unlocks the ultra powerful Thor .45-70


Phew - thats it! - Hope it has been of use            ; )

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