FREE Macbook Air! (GENUINE)

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A step by step guide to get a FREE Macbook air! (GENUINE)

Below is the DEFINITIVE and PROVEN guide to get a totally free Macbook Air (and many other laptops to choose from too)! Read on to find out how!

1. Copy and paste the following link into your internet window , and register your email address and some quick details. (Make sure that the email is yours. You can make a new email address just for this website if you are afraid of spam. However, they are registered under the Data Protection Act).

2. Complete an offer. They are ALL reputable companies which you have probably used before. You MUST complete one of these offers to get your free Macbook Air. I highly recommend Lovefilm as it is simply a FREE trial. You do not have to spend a penny on it. This means your Macbook air is literally free and you can get it simply with referrals! After you do this it should say "offer complete" the next day on your account.

3. Refer some friends to do the same. This part is a lot easier than it seems, especially now with free gift sites getting so popular. There are lots of people online who want a free gift too, so start referring them! You only need to get a few signups before you'll be finished. You can ask your friends or your online buddies. One of the easiest ways to get a referral is to do a favour for a friend and ask them to sign up in return. That way, you both can get a free gift!

A quick explanation as to how you are able to get a free Macbook Air:
1. You register with the website and sign up for a free trial with a reputable company such as Lovefilm.
2. The website gets some money for referring you to Lovefilm. Lovefilm is paying for potential customers… you are a potential customer as you’re trying the free trial.
3. You then have to refer friends who also complete an offer.
4. The money the website gets from Lovefilm from your friends completing an offer goes towards your gift.
5. The web site uses the money it gets from Lovefilm to pay for your gift.
6. You get a free Macbook Air etc!
7. The company receives more money from Lovefilm than is needed for your free gift. This money is the profit the site makes. This is how the site is able to exist and make money. Lovefilm gets new customers. You get a free Macbook Air. Everyone is happy!

Remeber these rules:
1. You are only allowed one account per person/household/IP address. This means DO NOT make multiple accounts. You WILL get caught.
2. Use your real details when you sign up so that the company knows where to send your gift! Remember that they have been proven legitimate and will not give out your information, and will send you your free gift if you do everything legitimately!
3. Do not try and fraud the offers.

Remember, getting referrals is not as difficult as you first think. You just have to think logically about it so you can find an effective way of getting referrals.

It will seem like a few too many for you at first but once you get started you will find it’s a real easy way to get a free macbook air! Getting your first referral is always the hardest. I am not for one second going to say that you can get referrals without putting any effort into it at all because then I would be bullshitting you, which you probably know, I don’t like doing. However, although it does take effort it is definitely well worth it. You can get a macbook air free! It’s not free in terms of time but the amount of time it will take to earn this gift is tiny compared to its cost. Imagine it as a job. A job with an extremely high hourly wage.

Message me if you have any questions and GOOD LUCK!

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